Insights Dashboard for Brands

A circularity platform that enables you to track your products post-purchase using unique Digital IDs.

Unlock the full story of your products by measuring, engaging and connecting them to your customers.

Product Traceability

Track the journey of your products throughout their entire lifecycle. From post-purchase through to every event that touches it - resale, rental, repair and recycling.

Gain invaluable insight and analysis on your products to super-charge your business into a circular model, and support future policy requirements.

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Next-gen Reviews and Sentiments

Gain unprecedented insight on how your products perform via metric-based reviews and ratings on your products 3, 6, 12 months after purchase.

Sentiment collection gives feedback on wear frequency (by season) and method of ownership change and termination.

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Coming Soon!

New Opportunities via Connected Circularity

Create new revenue opportunities with your customers by offering resale, repair, rental or buyback schemes (feature coming soon). Keeping your products in circulation for longer.

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Key Features

Post-sale Data

Get post-sale usage and performance data over product lifetime.

No-code, Instant Integration

Instant ecommerce integration with effortless catalog and order syncing

Brand, Product, Consumer Connection

Connect with consumers and their products like never before (customer support functionality coming soon).

Materials and Care Data, Digitised

Ensure your consumers can always have access to your products' care and materials data any time, straight from the LAYBL app.

Circular Wardrobe Mobile App

Consumer products are just a tap away. And unlike other wardrobe apps, our easy integration means no laborious adding or scanning.

Consumer Usage Analytics

Real-time access to wear frequency, performance data, transfer of ownership and end of life status.

Our model is simple: it’s all about connectivity

  • Our no-code solution instantly connects your online shop to the LAYBL platform

  • A unique Digital ID is created at the point of sale, connecting product to owner

  • Frictionless connection from owner where lifetime performance and milestone events can be recorded to encourage product longevity