Circular Wardrobe App for Consumers

We make the process of being sustainable and responsible with your clothes frictionless.

Capture the full story of your products and truly influence your favourite brands.

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An inspirational wardrobe

Never forget about an item you’ve bought again. Get inspiration on how to wear what you own so that you wear more and reduce the cost per wear.

The LAYBL Mobile App shown on an iOS device.The LAYBL Mobile app shown on an iOS device.

Caring for your clothes, and the environment

Extend the life of your clothes while helping you create a lifestyle that is more sustainable. With LAYBL, never lose your care and materials information, and access convenient repair and alteration guides so you can love them a little longer.

The LAYBL Mobile App shown on an iOS device.

Responsible is more valuable

Give your clothes a new lease of life. LAYBL helps you keep your clothing out of landfill and guides you towards its next best life.

Transfer garments to the next owner and keep the story going whether you sell, swap, donate or gift it.

The LAYBL Mobile App shown on an iOS device.

Influence your favourite brands

Tell brands what you really think.

Feedback on what is and isn't working, and help ensure that sustainability is also about longevity, joy and getting as much use as possible.

The LAYBL Mobile App shown on an iOS device.
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Can’t find your favourite brand on LAYBL? Drop them a note and let them know. If you tag us, we’ll follow-up with them and let you know as soon as they're on board.