Our Mission

Keeping fashion out of landfill by making circularity simple, for everyone.

Embracing innovation. Igniting progress.

Fashion waste numbers are alarming, and steadily rising. Consumers crave transparency, seeking eco-credentials in their clothing choices. Brands are eager to embrace circularity but lack a starting point.

The fashion industry holds the potential to become a catalyst for positive change, addressing both environmental and social challenges within our current economic system. By embracing a radical shift in our approach to manufacturing, consumption and disposal of clothes, we can pave the way towards achieving a more sustainable future.

We are forging a united community with shared values. Uniting brands, consumers, retailers, resale, rental, and service providers such as repair and recycling. Together, we embark on a collective journey towards impactful solutions.

We are changing how people think about clothes. With LAYBL, fashion becomes more than just looking good – it becomes an opportunity to make a difference.

An fashionable woman wearing jeans and blazer in pastel shades poses while stood in an abandoned waterpark.

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Who are we?

The LAYBL team is a small yet powerful force, and we’re growing. We’d love you to be part of our mission.

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Jen Wagner

Jen Wagner

CEO & Co-Founder
Gary Lake

Gary Lake

CTO & Co-Founder

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