Product traceability for corporate, workwear and uniforms

Enhance workwear sustainability and corporate responsibility with LAYBL

Streamline your sustainability efforts and boost corporate social responsibility with LAYBL’s detailed insights into workwear usage and durability.

Enhancing corporate sustainability efforts

Enhance your corporate social responsibility and  sustainability efforts through LAYBL. We create detailed insights around uniform and workwear usage and lifecycle.

Our platform helps companies reduce environmental impact by optimising workwear usage and functionality, and life span, and supports informed decisions that align with robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Through LAYBL's intelligent tracking and garment usage feedback, businesses can achieve greater sustainability in their operations, setting a new standard in environmental responsibility within their industry.

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Optimising uniform lifecycle management

LAYBL's platform revolutionises uniform management by providing precise data on garment use, durability, and maintenance needs.

This enables companies to extend the lifespan of their uniforms, minimise waste, and streamline procurement strategies.

By understanding wear patterns and maintenance requirements, businesses can make smarter choices about fabric and design, reducing costs and environmental impact. This targeted approach not only boosts operational efficiency but also aligns with corporate sustainability objectives.

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Be Digital Product Passport ready

With the upcoming Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulations (ESPR) and requirements for Digital Production Passports (DPP), the full life of all garments are set to become the responsibility of the manufacturer/issuer. It's a responsibility that begins with production and continues beyond the point of issue and includes supporting maintainability and handling end of life.

LAYBL has been designed with these regulations in mind and we’re continually developing our platform in-line with the regulations as they evolve.

The key thing about LAYBL is that you can start understanding and getting the benefits of these principles today, with no immediate modifications to garments or production lines needed.

LAYBL provides the tools and infrastructure required to trace your garments and get in front of the new regulations.

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Key Features

Post-distribution Data

Get post-distribution usage and performance data over product lifetime.

No-code, Instant Integration

Instant integration with effortless catalog and order syncing/imports

Product-User Connection

Connect with employees, supporters, volunteers and their products like never before.

Materials and Care Data, Digitised

Ensure your users always have access to your products' care and materials data any time, straight from the LAYBL app.

Circular Wardrobe Mobile App

Your users' products are just a tap away. And unlike other wardrobe apps, our easy integration means no laborious adding or scanning.

User Usage Analytics

Real-time access to wear frequency, performance data, transfer of ownership and end of life status.

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