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Clothing is an asset, not a consumable

I believe that we all need to shift to a mindset where our clothing is treated like a tangible asset, not something to be consumed and replaced frequently.

Clothing is an asset, not a consumable

Fashion as an asset, not a consumable

Like most of you, I got dressed this morning. Although I'm not judging if you didn't.

Everything I'm wearing today (and every day) ticks at least one of the following boxes:

✅ At least a few years old and still going strong
✅ Has been bought recently but with the intention for it to last several years
✅ Has been bought with flexibility of use in mind
✅ Has been bought to be used frequently
✅ Has been made sustainably and ethically

Fashion and apparel should have a purpose and should be acquired with intent and meaning.

It can still be for fashion/couture's sake. I mean we're complex creatures with personalities and identities. Sustainable clothing isn't going to take off if it's just everyone wearing a hemp sack! Looking good is a perfectly valid intent and purpose.

But whether it's high fashion, work wear, outdoor wear, uniforms... I believe that we all need to shift to a mindset where our clothing is treated like a tangible asset, not something to be consumed and replaced frequently.  

We sorely need to tackle sustainability in apparel production worldwide but there is only so much that can be achieved in producing and disposing of it sustainably, if the consumption and demand for it is still geared towards speed, turnover, and ultimately, disposal.

As soon as you shift your mindset to clothing being an asset, not a consumable, it opens up a whole new way of thinking.  

Fashion can still be fast(ish), in that there's nothing wrong if you like variety and to follow (or set!) trends. But consider:

✅ When buying new, buy sustainably and research/pay for quality/longevity
✅ Look after it, service it, repair it!
✅ Sell/gift/swap if you can, repair it if you need to, recycle if you must, but don't dispose
✅ Consider buying preowned
✅ Buy for flexibility to maximise use

I've already made the shift but one of my goals for 2023 is to learn to repair.

With two dogs and the school runs, I walk a fair bit, and being outdoorsy, I've got some pretty gnarly “Dad feet” – so I get through a lot of socks!

In the past I've been guilty of buying the cheapest crap I can find and just accepting I'm going to get through them. But I've recently started investing in higher quality bamboo socks and wool walking boot socks, and do you know what they do seem to be lasting longer. But if any of them start going holey, I'm going to do what my Granny would have done – try and darn them!

2023 is the year that LAYBL helps brands, retailers and fashion owners to treat their garments like assets! Love your clothing, invest well and smartly, and let's normalise repairs and buying pre-owned!

What is LAYBL?

LAYBL allows brands to connect their customers and their products and follow their journey together. If you've ever wondered what'S happened to a product after you sold it – who owns it now, how many have been repaired, resold, reused, recycled or fallen out of circulation – then LAYBL is here to help. Try it for free today for 30 days, or if you'd like a demo or to discuss things further, get in touch.

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